About Vinyl

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Here is a you tube video of Vinyl application. I think you will find it very helpful! GOOD LUCK!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Your vinyl lettering will come in 3 layers:
1: Top Layer= Transfer Tape
2: Middle Layer= Your Vinyl Lettering
3: Bottom Layer= Backing Paper
NOTE: After you apply your vinyl to the desired area, you will
discard both the transfer tape and the backing paper.
Prepare your Walls:
You will want to make sure that the surface you will be applying to is cleaned and completely dry. After you have decided where you want your vinyl, lightly pencil your vertical and horizontal lines along with the center point.
Prepare your Vinyl Lettering:
Lay your vinyl lettering on a table or other smooth surface where you can read your expression. Before you start working the vinyl, make sure that it lays flat and does not curl at all. THEN you will want to run the entire surface with a transfer tool, (or something like a credit card) to ensure that the vinyl sticks to the transfer tape. With a level, or other strait tool to use as a guide, you will want to mark lines from right to left, and top to bottom to ensure that you place your vinyl strait on the surface. I also suggest that you find the center of your vinyl by using a measuring tape. If you do not have actual vinyl under the transfer tape in the center of you expression, I would suggest making a hole through the layers, so you can center it over the center mark on your wall or surface.
Positioning your Vinyl Lettering:
Now it is time to line up all your markings. Once you have that in place you will want to place some tape on the top of the vinyl expression. This will act as hinges and will keep the vinyl in place for you.
Remove Backing Paper:
At this point, you will be removing layer #3 the backing paper. You will want to flip your vinyl upwards, and slowly and carefully pull back the backing paper, paying extra special attention not to touch the vinyl lettering. After the backing paper is removed completely, you will gently lay the expression on your desired surface.
Rub the surface with your transfer tool, (or credit card) to adhere the vinyl to your surface, paying close attention to the details of your vinyl and surface.
Remove Transfer Tape:
SLOWLY peel the transfer tape from the wall. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you do this slowly and carefully as to not take any of the lettering with you. I have found it helpful, to start at the corner and gently peel it downwards, and "roll" it down your surface. After the Transfer tape is removed, I always run my fingers along the vinyl as to adhere it one more time!
To Remove Your Vinyl: I have found the easiest way to remove it is to heat it up with your blow dryer and gently remove it.